Telecom Technology

The Telecom All-IP radio access network (IP-RAN) combines advanced CDMA radio technology with IP network capabilities to set new standards for cost effective CDMA Radio Access Network deployments.

The compact size and lower cost of procurement and operation provide benefits for operators through lower capital and operating expenditures.

  • Efficient transport over lower cost packet networks
  • Ethernet connectivity with IPSec
  • Soft hand-off on a peer-to-peer basis
  • Unlimited RAN network scalability
  • SIP based connections
  • Compact size
  • Flexible power options

All-IP back haul provides efficient transport or signaling and media over lower cost packet networks. Operators benefit from reduced costs compared to traditional T1/E1 circuit connections. Both 1xRTT and EVDO back haul transmissions can be combined over a single IP link. Ethernet connectivity with IPSec options support interconnection to both private and public IP networks while providing network security.

The unique Telecom integrated RAN solution incorporates a distributed controller architecture which provides traditional centralized controller functions such as soft hand-off on a peer-to-peer basis. Core network switches are relieved from any processing burden due to both hard and soft hand-offs within the radio network, thus improving overall efficiency and capacity. Operators benefit from the elimination of expensive centralized base stations controller (BSC) or radio network controller (RNC) components. Network reliability and operating costs are also improved with the elimination of the single point failure central controllers.

The Telecom distributed architecture controller also provides unlimited RAN network scalability. Each new base station added to the network brings additional controller processing capability which supports expansion of the RAN network in a smooth and linear fashion. Operators benefit from simpler network planning and lower latency through distributed signaling.

Telecom supports 3GPP2 open interfaces on all IP-RAN products. 1xRTT core network connections comply with IOS 4.x/5.x/6.x standards. Data network connections comply with A10/11 and A12 interfaces. FemtoCell and Picocell products provide SIP based connections to convergence servers or soft switches. Full air interface support is provided for IS-95, cdma2000, 1xRTT, EVDO Rev 0, Rev A and Rev B air interfaces to provide maximum deployment and growth flexibility for operator deployments.

The compact size and flexible power options supported by Telecom CDMA IP-RAN products provide much greater installation flexibility compared to traditional cellular base stations. Operators benefit from lower installation and operating costs while ensuring support for the most current network features and capabilities.

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