Eco-Friendly Technology

Small cells are an environmentally friendly option to extend coverage and capacity due to their physical size advantages, power savings and usability features that help keep our environment green.

Improved Mobile Device Battery Life

  • Devices battery life is longer with 3G compared to WiFi
  • 3G connection will use comparatively less power for uploading and downloading data

Significantly Less Electrical Power Consumption Per User

  • The average macrocell uses 1000W/120 users
  • Enterprise femtocell will require 200mW/32 data users

Efficient RF Power Requirements (mW of RF power/user)

  • Signal originates within feet of the device
  • Both the users and the device are indoors saves on excess RF requirements

Flexible Power On/Off Options

  • Customers can shut-off coverage when users are not present
  • An enterprise could save on evenings and weekend power and save over half the energy consumption of the device.

Minimal Equipment to Install

  • Existing IP backhaul is already in place
  • No new cell tower needed

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