Migration to LTE

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a defined technology evolution path adopted by both 3GPP and 3GPP2 that will enable operators to provide high bandwidth services to customers in accordance with 4G objectives. LTE is the leading candidate in the ITU selection of a 4G technology.

The use of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) techniques allows LTE to support significantly higher data rates over a single transceiver compared to existing 3G technologies. In the case of 3GPP2 CDMA operators, LTE networks are expected to initially offer high speed data services to augment EVDO systems while voice remains on the highly efficient 1xRTT systems. In the future, networks will eventually migrate all services, including VoIP based voice to LTE systems as LTE network coverage expands over the coming years.

AirWalk is uniquely positioned to provide LTE systems since the architecture specified by standards bodies is the same flat all-IP architecture found in AirWalk CDMA products. Controllers are combined with base stations, and peer-to-peer interfaces are defined to assist with handoffs, just as found in the AirWalk CDMA system architecture. With our own in-house RF development teams, AirWalk will also be able to provide industry leading RF implementations that will set industry benchmarks for efficiency and cost-effective deployments in various MIMO implementations.

AirWalk will offer a full LTE product line based on our flat all-IP architecture, starting with a series of microcells, picocells and femtocells designed to enhance and complement the basic coverage provided by initial macrocell deployments at leading LTE operators. AirWalk LTE products will complement the existing CDMA product line, allowing site growth through module stacking and providing common management though the AirWalk OAM&P system. AirWalk LTE products will have prototypes in 2010 and debut commercially in 2011.

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