Six Ways To Think Differently About Work

Breaking … or at least bending … the rules, has been a consistent part of a marketing professional’s success for many years.

Perhaps it’s the creative instinct and drive which fuels a marketing professional’s desire toThink Different (to reference a famous tagline from notoriously marketing-savvy Apple).

Thinking different-ly often leads to working different-ly.

If you’re a mobile professional (and, who isn’t these days?), adapting your work approach to accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle can be challenging, but it can be done.

This is particularly true if you utilize mobile technology such as an iPad and/or cloud services like a virtual phone number or online fax service to help you stay in touch with your business while on the go..

For mobile marketing professionals, here are 6 tips that will help you work differently.
1. Set up a virtual office
The modern office is no longer defined by walls and cubicles. Your business, and your customers, are on the move. A cloud-based phone system, also known as a virtual phone system, can turn your smartphone into a mobile office with features like call routing, call screening, multiple extensions, personalized greetings, voice to text, and more.

2. Stop listening to voicemail messages
Juggling the busy demands of the day can make it difficult to answer every call. Get “voice to text” so voicemails are transcribed to a text message or email, allowing you to stay in the loop and prioritize responses. Being able to discreetly read messages while in a meeting helps you stay connected to the needs of customers and team members in real time.

Click on the following podcast to listen to an interview with marketing professional Ann Lazo, owner of Eagle Soars Consulting.
3. Get to the track
Using phone numbers to track advertising campaign performance isn’t a new tactic. However, being able to easily forward those calls and generate reports on those campaigns is an often overlooked feature of a service like eVoice. By using a toll-free or local virtual phone number, marketers can easily assign unique numbers to campaigns and instantly identify the best sources of traffic and ensure calls are being answered immediately by forwarding them to any location.

4. Meet me in the cloud
Motivate teams, customers and vendors to action with web conferencing. Use web conferencing to collaborate with remote team members, conduct marketing surveys or meet with clients. Web conferencing allows you to turn your desktop or laptop into a mobile conference room enabling you to maintain communication regardless of your location.

5. Reinforce a professional image
Your phone system makes a strong statement about your brand. Whether you are a business of one or a small business, a professionally recorded greeting message and an auto attendant can maximize the impression of professionalism with customers and further the credibility of your brand.

6. Think outside the box, and boundaries
Technology has eliminated the barriers of geographic location. A toll-free business phone number gives your marketing business a nationwide presence and the credibility associated with large, well established companies. Meanwhile, utilizing local phone numbers can help marketers reach new customers with easily recognizable prefixes.


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