AirWalk Communications offers a complete line of IP-based Radio Access Network (IP-RAN) solutions that enable simple network expansion for CDMA wireless service providers.

AirWalk’s solution is based on a distinctive approach, the controller functionality is decentralized and tightly integrated with a base station transceiver in one compact device. This approach reduces equipment complexity and latency, and for service providers this translates to increased reliability, simpler installation, lower costs, and a smaller system footprint.

AirWalk’s innovative product line is the most compact, versatile and cost-effective IP-RAN solution available today.

Wherever and whenever coverage is needed, AirWalk has a solution. For urban in-fill, hotspots, blind spots, enterprises, rural highways, small towns, home offices, and even maritime and airborne environments, AirWalk delivers the unique or enhanced coverage that service providers require. AirWalk offers a broad line of IP-RAN industrial products, as well as femtocell solutions for consumers and enterprises.

The IP-RAN product line includes macrocell, microcell, and picocell systems that enable service providers to quickly and cost-effectively increase capacity and coverage in areas that are typically difficult and costly to serve. The femtocell solutions are optimized for extending cellular service to homes, small businesses, and other areas of poor reception. These compact, low-power access units connect mobile devices to carrier networks via the Internet.

AirWalk currently offers CDMA solutions and is migrating toward LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology and its advanced architecture.

With AirWalk solutions, service providers can match their network expansion to their need for capacity, responding to customer-driven growth in an instant. The modular, stackable AirWalk platform allows providers to invest only in the equipment they need immediately. With its integrated transceiver and controller, AirWalk increases network efficiency by controlling handoffs within the transceiver, simplifying the architecture and reducing backhaul delay sensitivity. The native IP platform reduces infrastructure costs, while the use of fewer and smaller network components reduces the equipment footprint. The result is a reliable, cost-effective, and easily implemented system.

As the only privately held CDMA radio access network company in the world, AirWalk currently offers CDMA solutions for 1xRTT and EV-DO Rev. A networks and is migrating toward LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology and its advanced architecture. AirWalk’s customer base consists of service providers in North America as well as in more than 25 countries worldwide. The innovative IP network architecture of AirWalk’s products has simplified network expansion.

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