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EdgePoint PROEdgePoint™ PRO 
3G Enterprise Femtocell
for Office and Campus Environments

The EdgePoint PRO is a compact 3G cellular access point, or enterprise femtocell, which provides premier cellular service inside buildings and at the edge of macro networks. The EdgePoint PRO enterprise femtocell assures users continuous coverage and mobility in offices and campus settings, regardless of their proximity to a macro network.

By installing an enterprise femtocell operators will:

  • Improve in-building service which increases cellular usage in the enterprise market
  • Maximize existing macro network efficiencies and reduce deployment costs
  • Utilize existing IP backhaul technologies reduces CAPEX
  • Seamlessly provide coverage throughout a location due to unrivaled handoff capability and scalability
  • Improve user satisfaction and increase minutes of use through compatibility with existing handsets

This compact 3G enterprise femtocell access point plugs directly into an existing broadband connection to extend 3G wireless CDMA services for voice and data applications. EdgePoint PRO enterprise femtocell has unrivaled handoff capability which allows clustering of multiple devices for coverage in medium to large enterprises. Unlike other in-building solutions requiring specialized, high-end handsets, this enterprise femtocell solution utilizes any standard CDMA mobile device.

EdgePoint PRO Enterprise Femtocell Product Specifications:

  • CDMA 1xRTT and EVDO Rev. A in one device
  • Integrated BTS, BSC, RN, RNC, PCF and O&M
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Advanced handoff capability (clustering)
  • 10/100 Ethernet backhaul
  • Single band 450/800/1900 MHz
  • 2G/3G handset compatibility
  • IOS to SIP interface
Also available is a femtocell ideal for home and residential use: EdgePoint Consumer Femtocell

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