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AirWalk Communications and Alliances Shine CTIA Spotlight on Femtocell Solutions

LAS VEGAS, March 30, 2009 – AirWalk Communications, in addition to introducing its new enterprise femtocell at the CTIA Wireless 2009 conference, will also be highlighting femtocell network solutions and applications at industry leaders’ booths.

At AirWalk’s Booth 8127, the EdgePoint PRO will be demonstrated for the first time. The EdgePoint PRO is a compact enterprise femtocell that optimizes cellular service to enterprise and campus facilities. AirWalk will also showcase the latest EdgePoint model, its residential femtocell with advanced features. AirWalk will demonstrate the 1xRTT and 1xEV-DO capabilities of both products as well as the advantages of connectivity with a SIP server.

EdgePoint PRO assures mobile phone users secure continuous coverage and mobility in a variety of enterprise settings, regardless of the proximity to the macro cellular network. The residential EdgePoint femtocell, introduced in 2008, provides premier cellular service for residential users. Both units connect directly into an existing broadband service to extend 3G wireless CDMA services for voice and data.

At CTIA, EdgePoint femtocell IP-based solutions and applications will be demonstrated by several of AirWalk’s alliances, including Starent Networks (Booth 4531), Tatara Systems (Booth 8951), and Acme Packet (Booth 5741). Solutions being showcased include:

The use of 1xEV-DO EdgePoint using a data card through the Starent Networks Packet Data Serving Node, as well as enabling voice calls via a 1xRTT EdgePoint. In addition to providing a complete IP data core, Starent Network solutions provide CDMA core voice services using SIP signaling. This enables a scalable solution for femtocell deployments.

The use of femtocells to leverage VoIP and the IMS infrastructure via the Tatara Systems TCS Convergence Server, a standards-based SIP/IMS interworking application server that ensures service parity with the macro network. An IOS-SIP adapter resides in the EdgePoint and communicates directly with the TCS, enabling integration of femtocells into a mobile operator’s network and supporting critical aspects such as emergency services, femtocell-to-macrocell handoff, and supplementary services.

The delivery of voice and data services via Acme Packet’s Net-Net® Security Gateway and Net-Net Session Director, which will connect the EdgePoint to an IMS/NGN data center. The Net-Net Security Gateway provides a secure tunnel for delivering voice and data traffic across the Internet. Acme Packet’s Net-Net Session Director secures the SIP/IMS service infrastructure, assures SLAs for high service availability and quality, and provides compliance with regulatory requirements, such as lawful intercept and emergency session control.

“Working with these industry leaders helps emphasize the broad capabilities of AirWalk’s family of femtocell products,” said Serge Pequeux, president and CEO of AirWalk. “The femtocell alliance eco-system has collaborated to offer the most effective end-to-end consumer and enterprise solution for wireless operators. This cooperation reflects the confidence we all have in delivering the femtocell solution to the wireless market.”

The CTIA Wireless 2009 conference gives the industry its first look at EdgePoint PRO, with its unrivaled clustering architecture that assures soft handoff between multiple units and the macro network. A single EdgePoint PRO supports up to 28 simultaneous users.

About AirWalk Communications

AirWalk Communications, Inc. is a developer of IP CDMA Radio Access Network (IP-RAN) products that deliver 3G voice and data platforms. AirWalk’s products are modular, stackable and increase coverage and capacity. AirWalk delivered the industry’s first base station and base station controller in a single, inexpensive, compact platform. The company’s radio products operate on the global CDMA licensed frequencies and offer operators new sources of revenue. For more information, visit